Friday, July 7, 2017

Pre-War Vintage At the Concours

The 40th anniversary of the Cincinnati Concours d'Elegance brought together a fine selection of Pre-War Vintage cars. These are all beautiful machines even if they aren't recognized as full classics by the Classic Car Club of America. There was a 1937 Hudson Terraplane Utility Coupe that was found in a Montana junk yard. It is one of only 10 known to still exist.
This Ford Model A Town Sedan may be from 1931 it is still the owner's daily driver when weather permits. It still has its original interior and hasn't been repainted since 1970.
This 1940 LaSalle 5219 Sedan was also on display. This trim was only produced for one year. It sports a 322 cubic inch flathead Cadillac V 8 engine that produces 130 horse power.
Harley Earl designed this 1942 Pontiac Torpedo Sport Coupe. It gets 90 horse power from its 239 cubic inch inline six engine.
The Best in Class winner was this 1936 Auburn Cabriolet. Auburn only produced 1850 of these cars. They were powered by a 209. cubic inch, 85 horse power inline six cylinder Lycoming engine. When it was new it cost $954.
This 1927 Chrysler 60 Roadster was rather unique for its time. Not many high production cars of the day had four wheel hydraulic brakes and aluminum cylinders. Its engine is a six cylinder 186 cubic inch model.

A 1926 Pontiac 6640 Coupe was a car that helped introduce the Pontiac marque. Seeing as how there are only 50 known survivors it is easy to see why this won a Holly Award for Excellence in 2010 from the Antique Automobile Club of America.
A "companion" line for Cadillac brought this 1930 Oakland  101 Touring Sedan. This car is a multiple time AACA award winner including Junior and Senior wins and culminating in a Grand National Award in 2016.
This 1935 DeSoto SG Airflow Sedan cost $1015 when new. It has a 241 cubic inch, 100 horse power L-Head inline six cylinder engine.
This 1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe Business Coupe was the only car in its class with hydraulic brakes. It was a 2011 class winner at the St. Johns concours and a 2016 class winner at Hilton Head. It has also won the AACA Chrysler Cup in 2016.
Finally there was a 1934 Chrysler Airflow Coupe. This is one of only 732 produced that year and one of 10 known to have survived. This was the first car designed using a wind tunnel when they "borrowed" the one owned by the Wright Brothers in Dayton, OH.

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