Friday, October 31, 2014

Classics At the Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center had a special weekend to celebrate the 1940s and the sacrifices made to help with the war effort. Part of the weekend's festivities was a show of some cars from that era. There weren't very many but they were fun to look at; as were the couple of cars the Museum Center has on permanent display. Oh, yeah, and during the weekend you could sample some classic Spam as well.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Let the Good Times Roll Some More

Here are some more cars from the Third Annual Let the Good Times Roll Car Show. In fact, the car I'm writing about tomorrow was also at this show. I hope you've been enjoying the posts and all of the pictures of the cars.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My First Time

This year was my first to go to the Let the Good Times Roll Car Show. It was a bit of a drive and seemed to be in the middle of not much but the show turned out to be very nice. I saw some old friends and talked to a lot of new people. And did I mention the variety of cars? Maybe I did. I can't remember.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Multiple Generations

Like all good car shows, the Third Annual Let the Good Times Roll Car Show was all about the cars. What was so cool about this year's collection is that it spanned not only generations but size and type of car as well. Yesterday I led off with a Nash Metropolitan and also had a Mustang, a "tri-five" Chevy and a custom hot rod to name a few. Now look at the cars in this group. Keep in mind that I'm posting in the order that I saw the cars.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Let the Good Times Roll

The Third Annual Let the Good Times Roll Car Show was once again held at the Thomas A. Wildey Center. Sixty cars showed up in this out of the way location on a very nice day for a show. In addition to the cars there were also vendors, food, music and a small swap meet. Overall a pretty nice day.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cop Car

When you see a BMW 633 CSi cruising down the road you generally think of it being a sports luxury car. But in the hands of former police detective Nate Ingram it got a little something else.

The 6-Series was introduced by BMW in 1976 two models, the 630 CS and the 633 CSi. With 3.0 L inline six cylinder engines and coach work by Karman these were stunningly impressive cars. As they aged the coach work was moved in-house and the engines grew to 3.2 L but stayed with only six cylinders. This was odd because the competition at the time from Porsche (the front engined 928), Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar all had big V 8s under their hoods.

Over the years there were various refinements to the 6-Series, including the introduction of a more powerful model, the 635 CSi, in 1978. While engines changed some most of the changes over the life of this series included luxury and cosmetic upgrades. The 6-Series was the flagship of BMW's line from its introduction in 1976 until it was replaced in 1989.

When Nate got his 1980 633 CSi he found that the engine ran too hot. This was a complaint that plagued this model throughout its life. These engines would also run a bit rough after a cold start and would seem to be reluctant to go until they warmed up. Even warm they tended to run fast with what many thought were high RPMs at idle.

Nate found an easy solution since he was using his 633 to drive around in. What he did was find a 3.5 L 7-Series engine and drop it in. He said that it can still run a little hot when idling for a while but otherwise has been a great addition to his car.

The former police detective said that once he was driving along the highway in another state and realized he was going perhaps a little over the speed limit. As he slowed back to the legal speed he happened to come across a state highway patrol officer running radar. Nate missed a possible ticket though he would neither confirm nor deny that his car might have been traveling 138 miles per hour. Not bad for a cop's car.