Friday, December 30, 2016

Super Car Barn Find

A BMW M1 definitely qualifies as a super car. But to have one turn up as a barn find after 34 years is amazing. Here is a link to an article on MSN relating to just such a find.

20 Truly Ugly Cars

Automobile design is a unique blend of form and function. A designer strives for stylish looks but also realizes that there needs to be functionality. Add to that the fact that some people's idea of style (and what was held as style in certain decades) can differ greatly. With that I found a list on line of 20 ugly cars. Let me know what you think. Do all of these cars belong on this list? Have they forgotten a truly hideous automobile? Leave a comment or drop me an email at

20 Exotic Cars That Still Inspire You

The headline for this post is pretty much the headline from the story I am forwarding. It's an interesting list despite the fact that they really don't try to explain how or why the cars are on it. The cars that did make the list are inspirational in their own way, that is for sure. But let me know what you think. Leave a comment or drop me an email at

20 Secudctive Muscle Cars

Here's another post I found on line that I want to share. This is about 20 muscle cars that are totally seductive. And by seductive here I believe they mean the look as much as the sound and power. Take a look and let me know what you think. Either leave a comment or drop me an email at

Cars to Restore

Here is one site's opinion of 10 great cars worth restoring. Personally I think every old car is worth restoring but yes, some are more practical than others. Which of these would you like to see sitting in your garage? Let me know by leaving a comment or dropping me an email at

Wrapping Up the Last Full Week From Sharonville

Today I'm wrapping up the last full week of posts from this season's Sharonville Classic Car Show. Today I have an El Camino, an Imperial, a Galaxie 500 XL, a Cobra reproduction, a 1961 Studebaker, some Chevy Impalas, a Hillman Minx 111A, and a Corvair.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

20 Most Iconic Automobiles

Here is one site's idea of the 20 most iconic automobiles. Let me know what you think. Did they forget one that belonged or put something in their list that shouldn't be there? Leave a comment here or drop me an email at

Top 10 Road Cruisers

Here is one site's opinion on the top 10 cars to go cruising in. Let me know which one you would rather take a ride in. Leave a message or drop me an email at

Another Thursday in Sharonville

We've finally hit the next to last Thursday in my attempt to post all of the photos taken earlier this year at the Sharonville Classic Car Show. Included in this post is a Pontiac GTO, a 1953 Ford F-100 pick-up, a '67 Chevy El Camino, a couple Willys Jeeps, a Chevy Thirftmaster pick-up, a Studebaker pick-up, and a trio of Chevy pick-ups.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Most Famous Cars of US Presidents

This list I found quite interesting. A list of some of the cars owned by American Presidents. I particularly liked the first one. Who says going green in a new concept. Let me know what you think of these. Leave a comment or drop me an email at

35 Odd Custom Jobs

Ever wonder what inspires someone to customize their car in a certain way? Well here is a list of 35 custom cars that will seriously have you wondering. Let me know what you think of some of these. Leave a comment or drop me an email at

Best Selling Cars of All Time

Ever wonder what the best selling cars of all time are? You can probably guess a couple at the top but here is a more comprehensive list. Let me know if you drive any of these. Leave a comment or drop me an email at

1900s Concept Cars

Here are some concept cars from the 1900s that we no longer drive. Looking at some of these I can't imagine why they weren't more successful. Well, maybe on a second look I can tell. In any case, let me know if there are any of these you would like in your garage. Either leave a comment or drop me a line at

Another Hump Day in Sharonville

Here are some more of the great cars I photographed at this past Sharonville Classic Car Show. This group includes a couple of Mustangs, an amazing Willys Jeep, a battered 1929 Ford, a Chevy Corvair Rampside, a pre-war Dodge pick-up, a 1951 Chevy 3600 pick-up, and a Studebaker pick-up.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

20 Greatest Pony Cars

Here's one site's opinion of the 20 greatest pony cars. Let me know what you think. Drop me a line at

Budget Collector Cars

In going with the theme of my previous post, I found another piece on line of some budget worthy collector cars. Let me know what you think.

10 Cool Muscle Cars You Can Afford

The old car hobby can be a lot of fun but it often doesn't come cheap. I saw this on line and thought I'd share. Here are 10 cool muscles cars you might well be able to afford. As always, let me know what you think. Drop me a note here or send an email to

Another Tuesday in Sharonville

As I am still working my way through all of the photos I took at this past Sharonville Classic Car Show I am still posting some great looking cars. Today I have a Volkswagen Beetle, a Ford Falcon Futura convertible, a Starliner, a Chevy Impala, an uncommon mid-fifties Oldsmobile, a Pontiac Bonneville convertible, a Corvette, and a couple of Mustangs.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Yet Another Week in Sharonville

With in excess of 400 cars rolling out for the 40th Annual Sharonville Classic Car Show sponsored by the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce, it's little wonder that I am taking so long to post all of my pictures. For the record, I didn't shoot every car. But what I did shoot were great. Today I have a couple of Thunderbirds from different eras, a C 2 Corvette, a Ford Mustang, a Ford Fairlane, a 1963 Mercury Comet, and a Ford Falcon among others.