Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Car Collector Chronicles

We're coming to the beginning of a new month and that mean Dave Yaros' wonderful little e-zine, Car Collector Chronicles, is out. If you haven't already subscribed to this free and informative source of information about the old car hobby, I strongly suggest you do.

Check out the latest issue here: https://www.scribd.com/document/337928007/Car-Collector-Chronicles-02-17

Subscribe to the monthly here. You get one email a month informing you that the latest issue is available. You can also check out back issues here as well. https://www.scribd.com/user/7936333/Dave-Yaros

Some Brits At Glendale

The Glendale Car Show offered up a number of British cars, particularly from MG and Triumph but also a British made Metropolitan. An interesting collection indeed.

Chinese Autos Come to America

The Chinese are preparing to invade the USA with their brand of automobiles. Check out this story about what they showed up in Detroit.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Europeans at Glendale

While many open shows will bring in a handful of European cars, the Glendale show brings in more than its share. Showing up that warm sunny day was a beautiful Mercedes-Benz convertible, an Alfa Romeo, a couple of BMWs, a Jaguar E-Type, and a 1960 Porsche.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017

Facts About the Original Mustang

Here is an interesting link detailing seven facts about the original Mustang.


Luxury, Early 70s Style

It took the rest of the world a while to get over the stigma attached to Germany from World War II but by the mid 1960s, the car buying public, at least, seemed to have done so. Mercedes Benz had begun turning out top rate luxury and sports sedans while winning races on the international motor sport scene. And they were able to do so in the numbers necessary to make them a major player in the world market.

By this time Mercedes was ready to replace its aging W111 and W112 platforms with newer, more innovative automobiles. Enter the W108 and W109. Introduced in 1965 the W108 series featured the series 250, series 280 and the entry level series 300 models.

While the models offered engines ranging from a 2.5 liter or a 2.8 inline six. Within a few years a 3.5 liter and a 4.5 liter V 8 were introduced. Despite the engine or if there was a four speed standard or four speed automatic transmission, all of the W108 vehicles rode with effortless power and comfort.

The 280 SE as seen here had a 108 inch wheelbase and an overall length of 190 inches. The 2.8 liter inline six engine generated 160 horse power that allowed this Mercedes to comfortably cruise down the highways as well as zip around smoothly in city traffic. This Mercedes soon became a very strong alternative to the status conscious former Cadillac or Lincoln buyer. In all over 91,000 of these cars were sold world-wide between 1967 and 1972.

A Mercedes has never been an inexpensive car whether new or used. But the base W108 cars can make a decent bargain for a dedicated collector. A concours quality 280 SE will set you back around $57,000 while a good show car or driver will cost only a little over $30,000. It could be worth it to show up at events with something different and, yes, classy, like a Mercedes.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

50s Vehicles From Glendale

The Annual Glendale Classic Car Show is set up almost like a mini-councors. The organizers take care to group similar types of cars together, almost in classes. In fact, there always seems to be a number of cars on display that have been selected for regional concours events.

This year's group of cars from the 1950s was a wonderfully diverse selection. Included was a Ford F-100 pick up truck, a 1957 Lincoln Premier convertible, a Chevy pick up, an early era Chevy De Luxe, a couple of 1957 Bel Airs, and a 1955 Bel Air convertible.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Still More From Glendale

The 13th Annual Glendale Classic Car Show brought out a smaller than usual field that was still made up of a lot of great cars. Included was a Chevelle SS 396, a beautiful Oldsmobile, a Ford Mustang, a 1967 Chevy Camaro Rally Sport, a Dodge Super Bee, a well worn 1963 Plymouth Savoy, a 1957 Chevy Handyman, and a 1961 Corvair Rampside.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fun Cars For Cheap

Here is a cool post I found where they have chosen a handful of inexpensive but fun cars that you can pick up and enjoy. Take a look and let me know what you think. Either leave a comment or drop me an email at turnerbudds@yahoo.com letting me know which of these you would like to own.

Enrico The Butcher LaSalle Our Raid has perished to the Rogue Scientists. We must rebuild!

Cool Rides On Line

If any of you are Facebook users here is a page you may want to check out. Cool Rides On Line https://www.facebook.com/CoolRidesOnline/ was set up to support the custom car hobby. Along with their web site (www.CoolRidesOnline.net) folks can sign up, post pictures of their rides and possibly win some contests. If you own a custom or are just into them, you should check out these two links.

More From Glendale

For some reason, I was told by one of the judges, that this year's 13th Annual Glendale Classic Car Show had a smaller turnout than in previous years. I'm not sure why and neither was he. The weather was near perfect and there was nothing going on in the area to compete against it. But while the turnout may have been smaller the quality was still amazingly high. Included at the show was a C 3 Corvette along with a second generation model of Chevy's classic sports car. Also there were a few Ford Mustang and a number of great looking Chevys, including, a 1966 Chevy II.

Monday, January 23, 2017

13th Annual Glendale Classic Car Show

This past season saw the 13th Annual Glendale Car Show. This is a show I had known about but had not attended until a couple of years ago. And wow what I'd been missing. This is a fabulous show that brings out some amazing vehicles. Included in this year's group of automobiles was a spectacular VW micro bus, a 1965 Mustang, a Cadillac, a Buick, a Chevy Impala, a Belvedere GTX, a C 2 Corvette, and a Ford Mustang.