Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Future Collectables

          I just saw this article on line about which cars for sale today will be collectable in the future. (http://autos.yahoo.com/news/someday--you-ll-wish-you-owned-these-cars.html) I had asked some car people that I know this question: "what cars today will people want to collect in the future. My plan was to do an article on this topic but with some of the reactions I received I'm not sure exactly which way to go with the story.
          Unlike this article I don't really think things are all that cut and dried. There are some factors that will, not only in my opinion but in the opinions of other whom I've asked, cut down on the car hobbyist industry. For one, with all of the electronics in cars these days it is much more difficult for someone to buy a car and re-build it in their garage. On the other hand, though, with the huge influx of technology and the knowledge younger generations have toward computers, this may well become a non-factor.
          So, what cars being sold today will be collectables and future classics? I'd like to hear your opinion. Do you agree with this list? Which cars are missing, in your opinion? Will the current classics, the old Chevys and Fords and Jags and Mercedes eventually go away or will they continue to be held in such high esteem?
          Please feel free to leave a comment or message here or drop me an email at either turnerbudds@gmail.com or turnerbudds@yahoo.com.

Shut Up and Post Yer Pictures

Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting the Cruise On At Cruise-A-Palooza

          I guess I never really thought this through when I decided to hold off on posting a lot of the pictures from many of the car shows until this time of year. Well my intentions were right, I think. I decided that I would post some of the pictures from a show. But I didn't want to fall really far behind when it came to keeping up with the shows as they happened. Even with my best laid plans I still ended up falling more than a month behind during the season.
           Now, though, I find myself with tons of great cars that I shot during the summer and fall, all of which I'd like to share, but really with nothing to write about them. So I've filled in as best as I can. So far no one has complained too loudly. Maybe I should just take a hint from Frank Zappa who took a lot of criticism for "messing" up his songs with those wacky lyrics. He, in fact, even released an album called "Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar." OK, I'll shut up for the next few entries and just post the rest of the pictures from Cruise-A-Palooza.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Car Tattoos

          A number of years ago I was looking at a custom hot rod with an intricate red and black paint job. Suddenly a guy walked up right beside the car, his short sleeved shirt revealing the better part of a tattoo that was similar in design and color. That's when it hit me, the car had hits own tattoo. The artist who put it there was marking it to be unique, different from any other car out there.
          One of the coolest things at the Cavalcade of Customs is seeing all of the great custom paint jobs on the cars. These beasts of steel and sometimes fiberglass are always proudly showing off their car tattoos.   
          Here are some of the great paint jobs or tattoos that I shot at this year's installment of the Cavalcade. Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Penultimate Day

          Here is the next to last day of my photos from this year's Cavalcade of Customs. With that in mind, I'll just shut up and let the pictures do the talking.