Friday, April 29, 2016

Car Collector Chronicles

My friend Dave Yaros has posted the latest issue of Car Collector Crhonicles. This month's issue has a great feature on Oldsmobile concept cars that is a must read for any GM or concept fan. Dave also writes about this year making the 100th anniversary of the 500 mile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as well as being the 100th birthday of AC Delco. Plus he takes a look at the automotive year of 1916. Follow the link below to read this great monthly car newsletter. And if you aren't already a subscriber, I recommend that sign up today so you don't miss an issue.

Closing Out the Week From Sharonville

The 39th Annual Sharonville Classic Car Show brought out more than 450 amazing cars and trucks including a rat rod, a C 2 Corvette, a 1958 Chevy Impala, a 1955 Chevy Handyman, and a host of Tri-5 Bel Air beauties.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

VW May Have to Sell Assets

Volkswagen announced that they expect to take a financial hit this year. Sure, breaking laws will do that to you. Read about it here:

VW Not Working with Apple or Google

While Volkswagen says they are looking at ways to expand their business into the digital realm, it was confirmed that they are currently not working with either Apple or Google. Read the whole article here:

Show and Shine

The Annual Sharonville Classic Car Show is the unofficial opening of our car show season and is also when we are able to pick up our copies of the Show and Shine calendar ( If you live in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Tennessee, this is an indispensable piece of your car show package as it lists more collector car events than you could imagine.

In addition to the Show and Shine the Sharonville show also brings out a large number of great cars including a few Vettes, some Mustangs, a Mercury, a Viper, a Buick station wagon, a Pontiac Grand Am, and a VW Beetle that was used in the shooting of the motion picture Miles Ahead.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Season Opener

The Annual Sharonville Classic Car Show is generally considered the opening of our car show season. For that reason, even under the worst weather conditions, it generally brings out a lot of people who have been itching to show off their cars. This year, under beautiful blue skies with temperatures in the mid-70s, more than 450 cars rolled out to take part. Among them were a 1956 Bel Air, a Camaro SS, a GMC pick up, a Malibu, a 1937 Dodge, a Road Runner, a Ferrari Spyder, and a Pontiac Trans Am.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Muscle Car Showoff Fails

I saw this on line and thought I'd share it. It just goes to show that if you get behind the wheel of a car with that much power you sure as heck better be able to handle it.

Cars on the Historic Sharonville Loop

Like in years past, the 39th Annual Historic Sharonville Classic Car Show was held the Sunday before Mother's Day and to host all of the cars that come out, the show's sponsor, the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce, blocks off half of the city's main commercial district, the Sharonville Loop. This year, to accommodate the more than 400 cars they needed every inch as well as all of the parking lots that are set aside.

As stated yesterday, I'm posting the cars in the order I saw and photographed them and that means a lot of cars in the same class will show up. Today's selections include a piece of 1967 MoPar muscle, a few Barracudas, a Comet, a 1970 Duster Demon, a mid-50s Ford, a completely unrestored Studebaker, and a 1956 Bel Air.

Monday, April 25, 2016

27 Worst Vehicles Ever Made

I found this on line and thought I'd share it. Are these really the worst vehicles ever made? You decide.

39th Annual Sharonville Classic Car Show

This 39th Annual Sharonville Classic Car Show was held under absolutely perfect conditions yesterday. Well over 400 cars came out to see and be seen as blue dominated the sky and temperatures crept into the mid 70s. With so many cars and having all of this experience, the folks behind this show do a good job of organizing, putting similar makes and models together in their classes. So instead of breaking them down in individual groups, I'm going to be posting the cars in the order I saw and photographed them. What that means is you will be seeing a lot of cars from specific classes together but there may be times when I pick up cars from multiple classes.

The first cars I saw were from the MoPar class. There were some absolute beauties including a 1967 Barracuda, a 1969 Barracuda, a couple Charger RT, an absolutely gorgeous 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe, a Dodge van, a 1968 Dodge, and a 1970 Plymouth among others.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bonus Day From Cruise-A-Palooza

I normally don't post pictures I've taken during shows on the weekend but I want to get through the last of the pictures from the Criuse-A-Palooza show from last summer. For that reason here are a bunch of photos I took from that show that feature a lot of really great looking rides. There is a 1970 Corvette, a Charger, a Cadillac, a Falcon, an old Dodge, 1957 Chevy pick-up, a Mustang, a Camaro, and a 1971 Vette.