Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great Japanese Cars

Anyone who is a fan of Japanese cars will enjoy this list. Take a look and then let me know if you think they left any worthy contenders off of their list. Leave a message or drop me an email at

Affordable Future Classics

Another on line find. This one spells out 20 affordable future classics. It's a nice list. Let me know which you would like to have right now. Either leave a message or drop me an email at

20 Soon to Be Classics

Here's a post I found on line from the great site Legendary Videos. They have listed 20 late model cars that they feel are destined to become classics. Is it time to buy one and stick it in the garage for a few years?

Worst Cars of All Time

I'm finding a lot of these kinds of lists lately. I guess I can thank the data mining of my browser and social media pages for that. This one I don't necessarily agree with all the way through but I thought I'd post it to see if you thought these were the worst cars of all time.

10 Most Dangerous Car Designs

Here's another interesting piece I found on line. This is a list of the 10 most dangerous car designs. The author does a decent job of explaining why each has been included on the list. Give this a look and let me know what you think. Either leave a note here on the blog or drop me an email at

Chevrolet at the Pumplin Run

There were a lot of great Chevys on display at the 41st Annual Pumpkin Run Nationals. Included were the likes of a Chevy II, a Brookwood wagon, a Camaro, a Chevelle, a Biscayne, and many others.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decempber Issue of Car Collector Chronicles

The December issue of my friend Dave Yaros' excellent monthly e-zine, Car Collector Chronicles, is out today. Every month Dave gives us some great, interesting and fun articles all about the old car hobby. If you haven't been reading Dave's on-line news letter, you need to start doing so today with this issue:

This month Dave relates a woeful tale of a Concours winning Packard, gives us a reminder of Robert S. McNamara and the reason why 1958 was a less than stellar year for Detroit, a sad reminder of the demise of Packard and Studebaker, and some always fun historic pictures.

Subscribing to the Car Collector Chronicles is free and doesn't gets you only one email a month letting you know that the new issue is out. If this month's issue piqued your interest then you can go back and check out earlier installments at this link:

30 Hot Rods Not Afraid to Be Different

It's amazing what an inspired hot rodder can come up with when given the necessary tools. I found this piece on line and thought it was worth sharing, just for number two (pun intended) alone.

10 Best Mustangs of All Time

You know you've found a fun car list on line when it is subtitled, "Let the Arguing Begin." Here is one site's list of the 10 Best Mustangs Every Built. Give it a read and then, if you want to post an argument, feel free. Or drop me an email at

Cadillacs at the Pumpkin Run

The 41st Annual Pumpkin Run Nationals had a very nice collection of Cadillacs this year. A couple of them were sporting the kind of fins that made them some of the most recognizable cars on the road.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lincoln and Mercury at the Pumpkin Run

 The Pumpkin Run Nationals draws cars from all over the region, as long as they were made in 1974 or earlier. There is always a fine collection of cars from just about every manufacturer. This year's group of Lincolns and Mercurys was made up from some great examples. From Continentals and Comets to Cougars and Cyclones, there were a lot of great machines on hand.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Some Fords at the Pumpkin Run Nationals

Ford Country is traditionally one of the larger areas at the Pumpkin Run Nationals and this year's 41st annual even was no different. In addition to the usual suspects there were also a large number of Fairlanes, Galaxies and GTs on hand. As always, feel free to leave a note here on the blog or drop me an email at

Buicks at the Pumpkin Run

As I stated in yesterday's post, Chevy is the largest single brand to take part in the Annual Pumpkin Run Nationals but they aren't the only GM cars to make their mark. This year's 41st annual even saw a number of great looking Buicks on display. This included everything from models that were pushing the limit of cars made in 1974 or before, to muscle era Rivieras, to some pre-War Eights and Specials and even a rare Metropolitan.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Beautiful Classics

While my turkey is starting to cook on the grill (a combination of oak and alder wood doing the heavy lifting), I found this piece on some beautiful old cars on line. Give it a look and let me know what you think. Leave a note here or drop me an email at

20 Iconic Cars

Here is another one of those lists that I've found on line regarding the 20 most iconic automobiles of all time. I love looking at these. None is really definitive as they are only the preferences of the people who put them together. But they always serve to open up some conversation about why one car might have been included while another was left off the list.

Take a look at this list and let me know what you think. Either leave a note here on the blog or drop me an email at

History of the Land Speed Record

For those of you into speed (and who isn't), a reader put together a very nice piece on the history of the world land speed record. Here's is, in part, what their email stated, "As the Bloodhound SSC goes into production to try and conquer the 1000mph mark as well as the land speed record (LSR) at the same time, we thought we’d take a drive down memory lane and check out some of the most significant cars to break the land speed record since records began.
"In this piece, you’ll discover the first car ever to record a land speed record all the way back in 1898, a LSR car named “The Easter Egg”, the first ever internal combustion powered car to break the LSR, the first car that had part car part aeroplane engine and many others along the way.
"We’ll also take a look at the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Black Rock Desert, where the majority of these records were set as well as analysing why a turbo jet engine generates so much thrust?
All this and more are waiting for you as we introduce '0-1000mph – History Of The Land Speed Record'."

Follow this link to see this very interesting infographic:

Happy Thanksgiving From the Pumpkin Run

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA. And if you live somewhere else, go ahead and join us in being thankful for all of the things you have. One of the things I'm always thankful for is the vast number of great car shows I get to see each year. Here are some more from one of the biggest shows around, the Pumpkin Run Nationals. A brilliant Willys was on display as was my friend Jamie's Rolls Royce (which I've written about several times and even used in a movie which has made the festival circuit). Also on display was a Studebaker that had had a little work, a Rebel wagon, a Rambler, and a cute Crosley among others.