Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Show to Finance a Film

The car show to benefit the production of the documentary film Norwood: Where Legends Were Born ( was a surprise success. Put together at the last minute by the filmmakers (full disclosure here, I'm friends with most of those guys) the show was a huge success. There were actually more cars in the lot than expected and there had to be some spillover. The show brought out a bunch of beautiful Camaros including the very first Camaro ever made. That's right, the car at the top was the first Camaro to roll off the line. A couple of Pontiac F Body cars, those beautiful Trans Ams, also showed up for the celebration.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More From the Norwood Legends Show

In August a show was held to help offset the production costs of a documentary about the Norwood GM plant. Called Norwood: Where Legends Were Born ( the film will celebrate the 60 plus years of this assembly plant.

The show brought out around 100 cars including this Monte Carlo, a Chevy pick-up, an Oldsmobile station wagon, a well patinaed pre-war Pontiac, as well as a few Camaros and a good looking Trans Am.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Norwood Legends

Over the summer a special car show was held as a fundraiser to off-set the production costs of a documentary film about one of General Motors' once most well-known factories. The GM plant in Norwood, OH was, at one time, the place where most of the Chevrolet Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds (and subsequently Trans Ams - learn the lineage) were built. The show brought out a lot of these fine cars but also a good selection of others who just wanted to take part, including this Bel Air wagon, a Trans Am, a GTO, an Oldsmobile 442, a customized 1972 Camaro, a well worn Camaro SS, a gorgeous 1958 Impala convertible, and a 1999 Prowler.

Friday, November 17, 2017

More Imports at MainStrasse Village

The 15th Annual Classic Car Show at MainStrasse Village featured quite a few great looking imports. Some were shown yesterday so if you missed them be sure to go back in time (or just to the previous post) and check them out. Today here is a wonderful Austin Healey 3000, a Volkswagen Beetle, a dune buggy scrabbled together from a 1969 Beetle frame and power plant, a Sunbeam Alpine, a 1974 MGB, and a 1963 Jaguar E Type.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Window Tinting Laws

For a lot of folks who are looking to add a little customization to their cars, window tinting is a popular option. But before you go out and start covering those windows, it's best to know the laws in your state. With that in mind, the folks at Rayno Window Film have created a state by state run down of the laws concerning tinting. It's a handy page to have around to make sure you are in compliance.

Your Car's Most Wanted List

The good folks at FEYNLAB have created a fun car care checklist. It lists out the things that can eat up your car's exterior and interior and some clever and yet practical things you can do to prevent any damage. Take a look at the list, you might be surprised at some of the suggestions.

Some Foreign Cars at MainStrasse

While most of the cars that were being shown at the 15th Annual Classic Car Show at MainStrasse Village there were a number of great looking foreign rides as well. Included in the imports on display was a Volkswagen camper, a Mazda Miata, a 1966 Beetle, a 1973 Beetle, a Triumph TR 6, a 1968 Beetle, and a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II.