Thursday, August 2, 2012

British Car Day

          Recently, the annual British Car Day was held around here, sponsored by the local British Car Club. While the main feature was the 50th anniversary of the MGB and the Triumph Spitfire, there were plenty of other British beauties on display despite some questionable weather.
          On the way there we drove through a heavy rain storm and when we arrived, though it was sunny, we learned that the show had been dumped on as well. This kept the shear numbers down but still left plenty of cars to compete in the 34 different classes, not all limited to British cars. With a live band (which is odd because you wouldn't have a dead band playing unless it was fronted by the late Jerry Garcia) adding to the festive atmosphere with some great British Invasion songs, the day turned into a wonderful afternoon in the park.
          Over the next several blogs I'll take a look at some of the MGB and Spitfires that were on display as well as some very early MG cars, the MGA, a couple of great looking MG TD models, the Triumph TR 6 and some various other Triumph models, here are some of the cars that were on display, including a couple of very husky Sunbeams, a DeLorean, a Morgan, a Land Rover Defender, an MG Saloon car and even a chopped MG hot rod.

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  1. As a member of the British car club of Cincinnati I wish to thank you for your coverage of our show.Your photos of the cars and the history and background of our most famous marks is greatly appreciated.All of us at the club truly enjoy our cars and any chance to share that enjoyment is welcomed. Thanks again!