Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Car Rallies Anyone Can Do

A reader sent me the following email with the link to an infographic he put together. I thought I'd pass it along and let you all take a look. First, here's the link to the infographic:

Now, here is the email that was sent to give you his perspective on the infographic. Hope you all enjoy it.

After having a read through your site I thought it may be worthwhile getting in touch with you about a content piece I’ve recently created looking at some of the coolest car rallies anyone can do. The piece covers rallies for every budget and for every type of driver. The rallies we’ve looked at range from the glitzy Gumball Rally, the intense Dakar Rally to some of the best charity/banger rallies that are out there.
We hope you love it enough to republish it on the site and we’ve even added some easy embed codes, which you can just copy and paste in to add it on a page. Also if you have any feedback or comments that would also be very helpful.
Kind Regards,

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