Monday, April 24, 2017

Welcome Back to the Pumpkin Run

In my ongoing attempt to show you as many pictures from last year as possible I've been posting shots from shows I didn't have room for before. I do this every year. It gives me something to post during the off months. Also, if you've noticed, I've been doubling up on my posts and that will continue this week and next. After that, well, if the weather co-operates, I'll have new pictures from the brand new season.

This week I'm back at the Pumpkin Run, the massive three day event that draws over 2500 cars each year. Some of the cars in today's post include a brilliant old Volvo, a couple of Volkswagen Beetles, a Rambler, an American Motors AMX, a 1937 Pontiac, a 1937 Graham, an Alpine, a Ford station wagon used by a fire department, a 1966 Honda S 600 Roadster, an AMC Matador, a 1953 Studebaker, and a VW wagon.

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