Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Discovering Gems

I really enjoy all types of car shows and there are some that are regular stops on my summer tour. But I love heading out to a show that is completely new to me and discovering that it is a real gem. The Historic Glendale Collector Car Show was just such a find. How I hadn't gone to this show before is amazing. Normally I hear friends talking about how great a show is and I'll make a note to check it out the next time it comes around. I'm sure some people told me about Glendale but any mental notes I'd made were unfortunately erased. Now that I've been, though, I know for sure to go back.
Among the cars in this post is that Cararo RS, a Charger 500 proudly displaying "Hemi," a 1961 Studebaker Hawk, an Edsel wagon, a very nice Imperial, and even an Acura NS.

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