Friday, July 17, 2015

Where It All Began

The car show which follows the Annual Anderson Township 4th of July Parade has a special meaning to me. Eleven years ago, at the very first one, my then 11-year-old youngest son, Josh, and I were admiring the cars. Now Josh had seen plenty of classic and collector cars in his brief time but on that day he saw an old Morgan Plus 4 for the very first time. His eyes popped. The owner, seeing how amazed Josh was, told my son that there was really only one way to properly see this car. He then opened the driver's door and let my son sit behind the wheel. Excited, Josh said, "Dad, this is the car I want to take my driver's test in." I replied, "If he lets you then sure. But then you'll go back and pass it in your mother's Volvo." Josh passed his driver's test on the first try in a newer Volvo.

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