Monday, August 3, 2015

Post 1986 Maseratis at Keeneland

With Maserati being the featured marque at this year's Keeneland Concours d'Elegance, the organizers decided to feature some of the newer models of this venerable line. Included were this beautiful 2002 Maserati Spyder GT which is powered by the same Ferrari V8 engine that would be used in the 430 and 458.
Another convertible on the lawn was this 2010 Granturismo which sports a 4.7L V8 and a paddle shift eight speed transmission. Also part of this class was this 2008 Quattroporte Collezione Cento which is number 52 of 100 special order models, a 2006 GranSport Spyder that has a 400 horse power 4.3L V8 power plant, and this 1989 Biturbo 228 Coupe which was only of only 97 to come to the US that year and one of fewer than 5000 Biturbos exported to the States.

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