Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wayne County Historical Museum

Many people are surprised to learn how much automobile manufacturing happened in the state of Indiana. Just about everyone knows about Studebaker being made in South Bend but few realize the vast number of cars that were made in the state. Indianapolis was a hotbed with cars such as Stutz and Marmon among others being made there. But few would think of Richmond, IN as being a car capital. But indeed it was.

The Wayne County Historical Museum is a mainstay on many Concours d'Elegance phone lists because they have a wing dedicated to automobiles, mostly those made specifically in or around Richmond. Today and tomorrow I'm going to post some bonus pictures of many of the cars that they have in their collection.

Today's posts include, from top to bottom, a 1907 Richmond, a 1920 Briggs and Stratton Red Bug, a 1939 Crosley, a 1921 Detroit Electric, a 1912 Baker Electric, a 1910 Brush, a 1909 Richmond Touring Car, and a 1915 Westcott.

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