Friday, August 21, 2015

Some More From Wayne County

The Wayne County Historical Museum is fascinating. It covers the rich and wonderful history of that part of Indiana and does so in a very interesting and entertaining way. The folks who run the museum are fantastic as well. I went mainly for the car section which boasts cars mostly manufactured in and around Richmond but the rest of the museum was entirely fascinating. Granted, I'm a museum junkie but it's well worth the drive up to Richmond to check this place out. As always, feel free to leave comments or to drop me an email at

The cars shown here include a 1926 Dodge which belonged to the same woman for decades and was donated to the museum when she could no longer drive, a 1914 Ford Model T Touring Car, a 1921 Ford Model T School Bus, a 1918 Davis Touring Car, a 1920 Pilot 45, a 1925 Davis Brougham, a 1908 Westcott, and a 1926 Ford Model T Fire Engine.

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