Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Campus Car Show

Clermont College is a growing community college in western Clermont County. It is affiliated with the University of Cincinnati and offers many of the same classes and the same credits as the main campus. Offering associate degree programs and costing considerably less than the main campus, students can easily take their credits and transfer to any four year university and the transcript lists those credits as coming from UC. With all of these great things going for it it is easy to see why Clermont College is growing. In fact, my youngest son went there, citing that he wasn't really sure of a major and knew he could get his per-requisits under his belt.

The commuter college campus played host to the First Clermont Classic Car Show and Flea Market and filled a couple of the parking lots with great cars on display and people who were there to see them and shop the flea market. It was a nice situation.

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